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Geological Museum of China

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Geological Museum of China is located in Yangrou Hutong Xisi Nandajie in Xicheng District, Beijing. With its predecessor of the Geological and Mineral Products Exhibition Hall of the Geological Investigation Office founded in 1916, it is the earliest and largest museum of its kind in China and the biggest comprehensive geological museum in Asia. The Geological Museum was officially opened in 1959 and has rebuilt and expanded in 2004. Basic displays of the present museum are composed of five exhibition halls, namely, the exhibition halls of geological resource, global history, stratum paleontology, mineral rocks and diamond, with an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters.

The Geological Museum of China introduces in different catalogues and classifications of the abundant mineral products and other geological resources in China; the earth formation and construction, earth inner motive power geological action, earth outer power geological action and earth washing action; special exhibitions of Zhendan biome, insect fossils, fish fossils, egg fossils, and Shandingdong Human Being; ancient creatures and their characteristics of different geological eras; more than 1200 varieties of specimens of over 500 mineral products and over 800 the classic rock specimens of three different kinds of rocks, that are magma rock, alluvial rock and transformation rock. The mineral products exhibition gathers the beautiful mineral product crystal or crystal treasure from domestic and overseas. The diamond hall can be divided to four parts, namely diamond, jade, colorful stone and ink slab stone. It displays the raw stone and finished stone of the common diamonds, the traditional jade and color stone varieties of China and the products and its craftworks developed in the recent as well as the famous and common inkstones and its raw stone in China. It is the earliest and largest scale diamond exhibition in China and shares high recognition in the geological cycle, diamond cycle and the vast diamond fans. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum often organizes temporary displays, such as Chinese Petroleum Geology, Geological Technological Revolution, and Earthquake, etc.

In the Geological Museum of China, people can enrich their geological knowledge as well as see our motherlands vast territory and abundant resources while at the same time people can recognize the importance of treasuring and protecting the natural resources to make better use of them.

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