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Former Residernce of Song Qingling

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Former Residence of Song Qhingling is located in Houhai Road West City District in Beijing. It was the garden of the Prince Chuns Mansion in Qing dynasty. From 1963 to 1981, Madam Song has lived in here.
Song Qingling was the wife of the great revolutionist and the founder of the Republic of China Dr. Sun Yatsen. Song Qingling and her two sisters Song Meiling (wife of the Kuomintang President Chiang Kaishek) and Song Ailing (who married the Finance Minister of Kuomintang Kong Xiangxi) were known as the famous Song Sisters in the Republic Period. Song Qingling herself had made great contribution to the development of China. She was described as one of Chinas outstanding women of the 20th century and was a great advocate of civil rights, democracy and freedom from aggression. So after the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, she was named as the Honorary President of the People's Republic of China and the Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress (NPC).
Because of her great dedication to the communist career, before Song Qingling's moving into the house, a two-floor building that combined with both the Chinese and Western Style was built at the west of the original ancient building for Song Qingling's working and living. The first floor is the drawing room and dining room, while the second floor is the office and bedroom, living room and the study. Besides, the former prince mansion itself was a very beautiful place with many constructions such as the Long Corridor, Enbo Pavilion, Nan Lou (South Tower), Tingyu Lou (a tower where people can listen to the fall of rain) and Halls of Haoliang Lequ and Changjin Room. After Songs death in 1981, the former residence was entitled as the National Key Cultural Relic Protection Unit and opened to public on May 29, 1982 as an exhibition that display the whole life of Song Qingling with a large number of photographs, documents, letters and some other objects.

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