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Former Residence of Lu Xun

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Former Residence of Lu Xun is located at the Xiertiao, Fuchengmen Street, Xicheng District in Beijing. It is a small workmanlike courtyard and from 1924 to 1926, Lu Xun and his family have lived here. The easternmost room in the northern side of the courtyard belonged to Lu Xun' s mother and the western room to Lu Xun' s wife Zhu An while the middle is the dining-room. The rooms on the southern side of the courtyard served as a sitting room and library. Attached to the northern side of the courtyard is a small room known as the "Tiger Tail," which was used as Lu Xuns study and bedroom.

Lu Xun (1881-1936) was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. He was a very famous writer, thinker and revolutionist in contemporary China and has regarded as the founder of modern Chinese writing and was a revered scholar and teacher. He played an important role of the anti-imperialist May the Fourth Movement in 1919, and his greatest legacy was leading the revolution of simplified Chinese script. In the two years and three months when he lived here he wrote Tomb, Wild Grass, Aureole Anthology, Aureole Anthology Part II and the famous collection of short stories entitled uncertainty. As well he completed a large number of translations. Next to the Tiger Tail is a tiny garden with a thorny plum tree that together with the lilac tree in the front courtyard, were planted by Lu Xun himself.

In 1954, Lu Xun Museum was built next to his former residence and opened to public in 1956. And then the museum was expanded in 1980. The museum mainly exhibits Lu Xuns whole life from his youth in Shaoxing to his death in Shanghai and displays the related objects to him. It now treasures more than 30,000 culture relics. 21,000 of them are the culture relics of Mr. Lu Xun, which includes precious photographs, the published and unpublished manuscripts, letters, diaries and Lu Xun's collecting works like books, paintings and bricks in Han Dynasty and epitaph rubbings. Its basic exhibition covers the "Exhibition of Lu Xun's Whole Life", which lively displays the resplendent life of Lu Xun who acts the Main General of Chinese Revolution in Culture in full-scale.

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