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Fengxiang Temple

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Fengxiang Temple, which first built in Tang dynasty, is located in the Xiantai Village 10 miles southeast from the Huairou County, the northeast suburb of Beijing. Its original name was Xiansheng Chuanyuan and has called Fengxiang Temple since Jin dynasty. The last construction was during the Jiajing Period in Qing dynasty.

According to the recordation of the old stele inside the temple, it originally had a seven-floor building. But at present only a main hall is well preserved with three main rooms and four side rooms locate in the north and face to the south and with three wing-rooms separately situate in the east and west side. To the left front of the main hall, there stands a stele that can date back to the Jiaqing Period in Qing dynasty. Besides, one can also find some other historical sites and culture relics such as a great bell with 1.3 meters height that casted in the Wanli period of Ming dynasty and two Buddhist sculptures of the Liao dynasty.

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