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Fenghuangling Scenic Spot

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Fenghuangling Scenic Spot is located inside the Farm of West Outskirts in northwestern Haidian District, Beijing City. Covering an area about 15.33 square kilometers, the park boasts beautiful natural scenery and historical relics. It is reputed as the Small Yellow Mountain.

With the lush green mountain, limpid water, peculiar stones and fresh air, the park is considered to be the Natural Air Conditioner of Beijing City. Occupying a large area, Fenghuangling Scenic Spot has three touring routes including the middle, south and the north route.

The middle route starts at the Longquan Temple (Dragon Spring Temple), which was first built in Liao dynasty. Longquan Temple is a culture resort which spread the Taoism, Buddhism and some local religions. Waking along the mountain, people can see the Immortal Cave, the Three-Buddha Cave, the Xuanyuan Cave and the Xiuxian Chair. Those four caves were carved in Liao dynasty and known to be the place that the ordinary people preserved his health and became the immortals. Other sights like the Golden Dragon Bridge, Kwan-yin Palace, Lord Weis Palace, White Pagoda Reservoir and the Shadow Pavilion can be also found in this route.

The south route is the place for religion, archeology and exploration. Huangpu Yard, Guandi Temple and Lvzu Cave constitute a triangle zone which has rich religion culture including the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Besides, a large amount of hickories stand in the Hickory Valley. People can enjoy in the green hickory forest and eat the hickory in autumn. There is also a limpid stream called Molianshi River flowing through the valley. It is said that the water in the river contains many microelements which are good to human health. People who often drink the water here will be longevity and far away from illness. The water also has assistant curative effect.
With so many scenic spots and the perfect combination of the mountain and water, the north route is the most favorable one for visitors. While on the way, people can appreciate the peculiar stone and peaks, explore deep caves, enjoy the flying cascades and seeing about the ancient temple and pagodas. The main sights along this route are the ancient temple and famous tower including the Geyi Nunnery, Shangfang Temple, Linglong Pagoda, Moya Stone Tower and the Feilai Stone Tower; the deep and serene caves like the Kwan-yin Cave, Xiuxian Cave, Cangzhen Cave and Old Ape Cave; the flying cascades and streams as the Castalia Fountain, the Yijing Pool, the Water-dropping Rock, the Cetacean Back and the Golden Dragon Pool. The famous Sky Ladder can also be seen in this route.

In short, the Fenghuangling Scenic Spot has many historical sites and beautiful natural sceneries. And it has suggested being a very good tourist attraction for visitors.

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