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Feilong Valley Scenic Spot

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Feilong (Flying Dragon) Valley Scenic Spot locates in Huangsongyu Village of Pinggu District, the northeast suburb of Beijing. With an altitude of 1,253 meters, Goubeiling Dongshan Mountain ---the highest mountain in Pinggu District is located in the valley. The wandering valley is just like a dragon flying down from the sky; hence it got the name Feilong Valley.

Inside the valley, a brook with limpid water originates from the Beigao Spring at the half of the north peak. Viewing the waterfall alongside the brook, one could feel the mist of water. While in winter, the splendid view of the ice waterfall will surely attract visitors. The valley has three peaks called Ying Peak, Doubi Peak and Xieyu Peak with each has its own features. Ying means hawk in English. The shape of the Ying Peak is just like a flying hawk. With a 70 meters high waterfall flowing down, the peak is more attracting; Doubi Peak is famous for the steep cliff; While Xieyu Peak has a string of water flowing down from the top of the mountain. The water like the pearls and the small jade, so it got a nice name called Gaoya Xieyu (Jade Rushing Down From The High Peak). Besides, Feilong Valley also has many other beautiful scenes as the Old Man Cliff which is a cliff shaped as an old man with clear and lifelike facial expression, Feilai Stone which is a huge stone lying in the southwest part of high cliff, General Stone, Tortoise Stone, Beigao Spring and so on. However, the most famous one is perhaps the Palace of Hundred Emperors in China which has reputed as one of the superbs in China. In the main hall of the palace, there stand more than four hundred emperors sculpture from ancient time to the last feudal society---the Qing dynasty. According to the historical record, each figure was finely designed by the craftsman with vivid and lifelike expression. Visitors could also see the brief introduction of each emperor. They could appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of Chinese art as well as understanding more about Chinese history and culture.

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