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Exhibition Hall of Shanrong Culture

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Exhibition Hall of Shanrong Culture lies in the hillside of Yuquan Village, Jinjiapu Town Yanqing District, the north suburb of Beijing. Opened in 1990, it is a museum about Shanrong culture built on the site of groups of Shanrong tombs.

It is known as the first museum named as the ancient minority culture in China. Shanrong was a powerful nomadic tribe flourished in the region at the north of Mount Yanshan during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warrior State Period. Shanrong tombs were discovered in 1984. After many years excavation, 584 tombs have been excavated along with nearly 20,000 items of culture relics about gold, bronze, pottery, jade, agate, turquoise, bone, mussel etc.

Inside the exhibition hall, ten tombs are well preserved according to its original state with two large tombs belong to the caciques, five mid-sized tombs and three small tombs are for the tribe members. Most graves were rectangle-shaped with wooden coffin. The dead wore gold earrings, carcanet and covered with a flax cloth decorated by copper buttons on his face. Around his waist is a bronze dagger on the right and a bag of arrowheads on the left. At the top of the coffin, skulls and shoulder bones of horses, cows or dogs are placed in accordance with the status of the dead.

From the exhibition hall, one could understand the basic features of Shanrong culture in Spring and Autumn Period and learn more about the splendent Chinese culture and the magnificent Chinese ancient civilization.

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