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Eighteen Ponds in Western Beijing

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Eighteen Ponds in Western Beijing (Jing Xi Shi Ba Tan) is located in Anjiazhuang Village Mentougou District, the west suburb of Beijing. It is famous for its deep valley, peculiar stone, limpid water and beautiful flowers.

With a stream flowing down through the valley, it has formed the well known three falls, six scenes and eighteen ponds. With different depth, each pond has the needle-like fish and each pond has its own unique features. One could also view other sights including the Landscape Garden, Shanhu Island, Zhenxiquan Mountain Village and Hongti Garden. With well-preserved vegetation and lush green trees, the valley is a beautiful natural habitat for lots of plants and animals.

Landscape Garden and Shanhu Island are situated in the upper streams of the Luopoling Reservoir. Landscape Garden is a group of building which imitate the architecture style of the southern China. It composes of Folk-custom Exhibition Room, Animal Breeding Garden, Medicine Hall, Creation Room, Library and so on. The exhibition hall displays many precious objects like the woodcarvings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Peculiar Stones, ancient furniture and traditional dead stock etc. Shanhu Island, which closes to the Landscape Garden, provides very good amenities for visitors.

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