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Donghugang Scenic Spot

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Donghugang Scenic Spot locates inside the famous Shidu Tourist Resort in Fangshan District, about 107 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. Donghugang Scenic Spot, the famous holiday resort with green and healthy tour, has listed as the state-ranked geological park.

Walking through the iron cable bridge, visitors could enter the scenic spot with lush green trees, peculiar peaks and limpid springs. Winding bines can be found everywhere in the valley, which is ancient and mysterious. The wonderful waterfall of three folds has three layers of different falls, running down straightly and the waterfall is striking the stone with the water splashing down to all directions; The first ladder in the north China is built along the cliff for mountain climbers with the view of looking at all the mountains from the cloudy ladder; The echo waterfall is one of the famous sceneries in Donghugang. Water falls from the top like silver pearls and strikes the bottom of the pool. Donghugang Scenic Spot has abundant natural resources; various plants and animals are growing very well there. With charming natural views, Donghugang Scenic Spot is a very good tourist destination for visitors.

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