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Beijing Dabaotai Museum of the Western Han Mausoleum

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Beijing Dabaotai Museum of the Western Han Mausoleum lies in the south of the guogong village in Fengtai district. It is close to the World Park. Opening at 1982, the museum is established at the mausoleum of the western Han dynasty.

The mausoleum is recognized as the tomb of Liu Jian (who was a king of the western Han dynasty) and his concubines. It is an underground palace with huge timberwork project. The mausoleum was built according to the bury standard of the king of Han dynasty. It composes of the front house, back house, toilet, cloister, corridor and the outer wall. Relics like bronzes, irons, jades, lacquer wares, agate ornaments, gold foils, pottery, silk goods are unearthed together with 3 chariots and 11 horses, which are so-called chariots on scarlet-spotted wheels with blue cover specially made for princes and kings. Besides, visitors can also participate in the activity of Touhu Ceremony and the simulating work of the archeological excavation.

As the only well-preserved large mausoleum site of the Western Han Dynasty in China, the underground palace with chariots and horses is of great significance to the study of Chinese culture, history and archeology.

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