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Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

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Chinese Ethnic Culture Park, which also called Chinese Nationalities Museum, is located at the west side of the National Olympic Sports Center in Minzu Road, Chaoyang District Beijing. It is a large ethnic culture garden combines the traditional ethnic architecture, folk customs, singing and dancing performances, handicrafts and cate of the minorities together.

As we all know, China is home to 55 ethnic groups (minority nationalities), and each with a diverse cultural heritage, different customs and costumes, and unique arts and crafts. Therefore, in order to strengthen the unity and culture exchange with ethnic groups and spread the soul of the culture of the Chinese minorities, it is very necessary to build such a complex to a complex to reconstruct, collect, display and study the ethnic culture, history and social life of the 56 nationalities in China.

The total area of 50 hectare hosted the exhibits and villages of 56 nationalities and can be divided to the north garden and south garden. Over 40 villages, over 100 sceneries, 200 ethnic houses and 2 main exhibition halls have been constructed in the park. While visiting the national villages, visitors can enjoy the waterfall, floating clouds and bonfire at grassland, they can take a view of the scenic spots of China without going out of Beijing and appreciate and participate in the singing and dancing performance, festival celebrations and handicrafts making of various nationalities. From various sports and performances, visitors can enjoy the distinctive culture and art of Chinese people as well as find the beauty of China and Chinese culture.

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