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China Sports Museum

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China Sports Museum, which opened in 1990, is located in Beijing on the southeast side of the Olympic Sports Center outside Anding Men. It is China's first specialized museum centering on the collection, exhibition and study of physical culture relics and historical materials about sports.
The building of the China Sports Museum is quite extraordinary. It opens out like an octagonal fan, or like a whirlwind that is about to take off, symbolizing the powerful development of Chinese sports. Covering an exhibition area of 2,500 square meters, the museum has eight exhibition halls, such as the Ancient Hall, Neoteric Hall, Sports Achievement Hall of New China, Olympic Hall, Exhibition Hall of the Traditional Chinese Sports, etc.
Here, through the cultural relics, paintings, rubbings and photos which re-emerged such activities as martial art, arrow, wrestle, ancient football, polo, I-go, breath-controlling exercise etc, one can see the colorful sports culture of the Chinese Nation; through the biographies of the athlete, one can understand the hardships of taking part in international games; through the stories of the numerous world champion, one can see the great achievement and progress of Chinese sports; through the abundant materials and objects, one can realize the history of the contemporary and modern Olympics and the relationships between China and the international Olympic sports and through the introduction of the sports of the 56 nationalities of China, one can know various types of the sports games in ethnic groups and understand the colorful folk customs of China.
After visiting this museum, Samaranchi, the former Chairman of the International Olympic Committee noted that, The China Sports Museum is one of the best sports museums I have seen in the world.

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