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China Red Sandalwood Museum

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China Red Sandalwood Museum, which located at Gaobeidian in Chaoyang District, is a museum that possesses the largest scale, the highest rank and the most abundant collections of red sandalwood caving art works in the world. The museum is a place to collect, study and exhibit the craftwork of red sandalwood and traditional Chinese furniture.

The museum is built in traditional Chinese architecture style with an area of 9569 square meters. Looks spectacular but exquisite, archaic but modern, the building itself can be considered as a perfect craftwork. Inside the museum, there are the Central Hall, Exhibition Hall, Boardroom, Guestroom, Multi-functional Hall and Temporary Exhibition Hall. Visitors can see a fine collection of more than 100 classic red sandalwood works of art made during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), as well as more than 1,000 modern items. Sandalwood is called the red wood because of its color. Its texture is hard, which makes it excellent material for making furniture. Here, the furniture made in Ming and Qing Dynasties, traditional furniture materials, designs and structures give a brand-new interpretation of the meaning of furniture. So all the collections here are very valuable.

While in the museum, visitors can touch the essence of red sandalwood culture. They can see the furniture of Ming and Qing dynasty, miniature of furniture in ancient China, art works of Buddhism. For instance, the miniature of the corner tower of the Palace Museum and the Qianqiu Pavilion in the imperial garden assume an imperial air; 320 carved dragons in the Longquan Temple in Shanxi Province are in different postures; The delicate Beijing quadrangles and the Feiyun Building in Shanxi Province are representatives of red sandalwood arts. They are all artistic treasures in the Orient made of red sandalwood. Numerous basso-relievo, sculpture-in-the-rounds, fretworks give full display to the charms of red sandalwood.

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