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Chile Heping Temple

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Chile Heping Temple lies in Huata Village Nankou Town in Changping District. Chile was an ancient nationality in northern China; Heping means peace. Chile Heping Temple, which also called Huata Temple, was built in Tang Dynasty. Emperor Li Shimin of Tang Dynasty had inscribed the name Chile Heping Temple in person.

Chile Heping Temple is known as the activity center of the Buddhist ceremony of Beijing in past dynasties. With a construction area of over 7,000 square meters, it totally has ninety-nine rooms and a half. The temple constitutes of two courtyards---the east courtyard and the west courtyard. The east courtyard has Amitabha Buddha Hall, Sakyamuni Hall, Boundless Grief Hall and Heavenly King Hall, while the west courtyard composes of Forefather Hall, Medicine King Hall and Goddess Hall.

Chile Heping Temple has many rare and precious ancient trees. An old Japanese pagoda tree with a history of more than 1,300 years is still growing well inside the mountain gate of the temple. Two exuberant maidenhair trees with rich fruit are growing in front of the main hall. Besides, there is also an old white skin pine tree with 30 meters high and shaped like a sleeping dragon. The temple fair hold in Chile Heping Temple has offered a very good chance for people to know more about the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

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