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Cherry Valley

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Cherry Valley is a beautiful park that lies in the north edge of the Beijing Botanical Garden in the western outskirts of Beijing City. Waking west from the Temple of the Recumbent Buddha, one will come to a narrow, winding path which leads to a tranquil and secluded valley. The valley was called the End of Water in Ming dynasty while named the Retreat Valley in Qing dynasty. However, it was well known by the name Cherry Valley. There are also some lines that the former person used to eulogize the grand view of the valley:
With thousands of cherry blossomed in spring;
People want to see the beautiful view eagerly.

Nowadays though there are not so many cherries like before, the poetic name Cherry Valley was broadly called and being known by more and more people.
There are many flowers and trees planted along the narrow and tranquil valley with mountains aside and a limpid stream flow through. At the hillside along the entrance of the Cherry Valley, there is the site of the Longjiao Temple which built in Ming dynasty. To the west of Longjiao Temple, Sun Chengze (a personage lived in the late Ming and early Qing dynasty) once constructed aTuiweng Pavilion here. However, both of those ancient constructions cannot be seen nowadays only with some steles leaved.

Entering Cherry Valley, there is a small artificial reservoir. Many brooks and cascades were formed in its lower reach. One can hear the rushing water of a small brook bounded on either side by numerous strange rock formations. At several points along the stream, pools have formed which are used for swimming, rearing fish and irrigating the nearby fields. Along the stream toward the northwest, numerous species of wild flowers and fragrant grasses grow. Along the stream in the direction of the mouth of the valley, the sound of a bubbling spring can be heard. The clear spring trickles between rocky crevices and forms tiny rivulets that wind their way in and out of strange stone formations. The cascading water plays a continually changing melody as it splashes against the rocks.

Not far away from the reservoir, there stands a stone cliff which has the inscription of eight Chinese characters Lu Shu Xian Ji, Tui Gu You Qi. To the northwest is a finely caved small white marble bridge which moved from the mansion of Prince Duan in Beijing. Three Chinese characters Hong Xing Qiao (Red Star Bridge) in the bridge written by a famous writer and a renowned person Guo Moruo. By crossing this bridge and following a mountain path, one will come to a large, high stone stairway. At the top pf the steps is a small gate inscribed with the words "Deer Crag Lodge." Crossing the threshold, one enters the Cherry Valley Garden. A stairway providing a series of contrasting vistas rises to the beginning of a narrow, winding trail. There are several small cabins and bowers here, half hidden in the shade of the trees. Earthen terraces are faintly visible on the slopes of the stony peak. Lush bamboos bow to the wind and wild flowers bloom in abundance. The view is like a finely drown Chinese painting. Everyone who visits here will surely attract by the beautiful and exquisite landscape.

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