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China Century Altar

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China Century Altar (Zhong Hua Shi Ji Tan) is located between the China Revolutionary and Military Museum in the China Central Television Station in the extended line of the Changan Avenue. China Century Altar is built to welcome the new century. It occupies an area of 4.5 hectares including the Sacred Fire Square, Bronze Path, Main Altar, Cross-street Bridge, Century Hall, Art Hall, relief sculpture symbolizing 56 ethnic groups, Century Bell, Culture Square and so on.

At the entrance of the far south, there stands a white marble stele with a length of 9 meters and a height of 1.05 meters which inscribed the epigraph Zhong Hua Shi Ji Tan by the former present Jiang Zemin. It is reported as the biggest white marble in the world. The north side of the stele is the sinkage round square. In the center is the sacred fire which indicates the permanent civilization of the Chinese nation.

The main building of the China Century Altar totally has five floors with two underground. It composed of a resting cloister and a revolving altar cover. The center of the revolving structure is a flat platform which can be used as the performance stage of all kinds of activities. The 27.6 meters height space probe above the revolving altar that shaped like a rocket is the symbol of the permanently extended space and time and the embodiment of the innovation spirits of the Chinese people. China Century Altar is a modern construction combined with the profound ancient Chinese culture and civilization. It is also the representative of the modern Chinese architecture.

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