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Beijing Botanical Garden

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Beijing Botanical Garden is located close to XiangShan Park at the foot of the Western Fragrant Hills. It contains Sleeping Buddha, WoFoSi Temple in Chinese, in the north. Beijing Botanical Garden was established in 1956 on approval of the State Council with an area of about 400 hektares. In a word, it is a treasury of all the botanical resources from North, Northeast and northwest of China; also an integration that functions of scientific research, science permeations and tourist site.

General Elements
The Beijing Botanic Garden presents us a peaceful and tranquility areas in the busy Beijing. It is composed of a lake, the Perennial Garden, Peony Garden, Ornamental Peach Garden, a magnificent 10,000 square metre Conservatory housing Rain Forest House, Orchid House, Desert Garden House, Exhibition Flower House and numerous other gardens featuring camellias, bamboo, tree peonies, ornamental cherries and many others. A Sunken Rose Garden, 90 metres across, surrounded by thousands of roses in four tiers, descending to a magnificent floodlit musical fountain at the center as well. So far, about 200 hectares are opened to the public, including the living plant collection, the historic sites and a nature reserve. Excellent displays are made monthly in the main conservatory, bonsai garden (penjing in Chinese), the arboretum and 11 outdoor gardens: tree-peony garden, peony garden, rose garden, ornamental peach garden, lilac garden, crabapple-cont on east garden, magnolia garden, fall color garden, perennial garden, bamboo garden and mume flower garden.
Totally speaking, the gardens cultivate 6,000 species of plant, including 2,000 kinds of frees and bushes, 1,620 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants, 500 species of flowers and 1,900 kinds of fruit trees, water plants, traditional Chinese.

The Attractive Greenhouse
Among all the gardens and rare plants in Beijing Botanical Gardens, the hothouse turns out to be the most appealing traveling site here.
The hothouse concludes two main parts that are exhibition area with an area of 9800 square meters and manufacture hothouse 6000 square meters; the corresponding equipments are established as well. As their separate functions, only the exhibition hothouse allowed to visit.
The exhibition hothouse is divided into two floors, one overground and the other underground. Four halls are on display:
Tropical Rain Forest Landscape: 1200 square meters surroundings, the temperature all alone keep up to 20 degrees in winter, high temperature and humidity level.
The Four Seasons Garden: area of 3500 square meters with the winter temperature above 10-degree, mid-temperature and mid-humidity
Desert Plant Scenery: 950 square meters, above 10-temperature degree in winter, mid-temperature and low-humidity.
Tropic Orchis and other specialized plants garden: 500 square meters, also temperatured up to 10 degrees in winter, mid-temperature and humidity.
The crystal palace like greenhouse presents us undulating terrain, meandering path, waterfall and rushing waters as well. Various plants formed pleasing landscape. The scene around the world has set out y the several houses here, the tropical rainforest and desert plants, and a mixture of ornamental plants contributed to the special value here. If one entering, he would surely lost himself to the wondering natural scene.

Cao Xueqing Memorial Garden
Cao Xueqing, the famous novelist in Qing Dynasty. He is the writer of one of the four great Chinese masterpiecesStory of the Stone, also named Dream of the Red Chamber, which was considered as the enduring realism magnum opus in literature history. Among all the botanical gardens, it is the only garden for human beings.

Highlights on Collection
Besides the particular Greenhouse here, there are still several attractions to be considered as must tour sites. All of which are selected at pains both on the location and their research and education value. Many are possess not only viewing value but also up to educational sense. It is a right place that one would enjoy himself and edified as well.

Rose Garden
In the Rose Garden, about 700 rose cultivars are cultivated. The whole garden was surrounded by an atmosphere of particular European style, a concealing fountain and a mini-waterfall formed an open stage for the roses, such as hybrid tea rose, miniature roses, antique roses and wild roses etc.

The Ornamental Peach Garden
The ornamental peaches, which were traditionally being treated as a kind of decoration in China, make a room gentle and fragrant. Up to now, there are totally 70 cultivars collected. Some varieties were bestowed by Japanese friends as flowing plum, forsythia and cherries. In the season spring, pavonine-coloured flowers draw a beautiful painting here right on the hillside.

The Lilac Garden
Lilac that regarded as a perfect representation of China, is the most species preserved today in the world. It covered an area of about 3.5 hectares, was first completed in the end of 1950s and then enlarged in 1980s. In all, there are 22 kinds of species and cultivars collected now. Its full-blown time lasts around 6 weeks. And now we still try to find and introduce new species to our nation.

Penjing Garden/ Bonsai Garden
The Bonsai Garden of Beijing Botanical Garden is a major exhibition area, covers 20,000 centiares. It is one of our largest bonsai in China, an d can be departed into two spaces, the indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor exhibition composed of north bonsai exhibition gallery works, refining exhibition area, integrated house and genre space. Where numbers of works from Beijing and nationwide are presented. While the outdoor space consists of four courts, major in displaying the huge disclosed main plant, of which more than 70 trunks are over 100 years. The largest one called FengShuangJinLv, is an old apricot trunk with an age of more than 1300 years. The establishment of the Bonsai Garden, not only is propitious to the heritage and development of the bonsai art, but also offering a place for enjoys, communicate and learn.
Beijing Botanical Garden is a nice choice to visit in Beijing. And due to its delicate decoration and rare plants here, it turns out to be a great appealing to people from home and abroad.

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