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Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot

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Black Dragon Pond (Heilongtan) is a new popular summer resort located in Miyun County, about 100 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Every summer, visitors from the urban oven flock to the pond to escape scalding temperatures. 18 ponds and three waterfalls with a fall of 220 meters are scattered along the valley.

With charming views, the Black Dragon Pond has a beautiful legend. It was side that once upon a time there were two brother dragons, when they grew up and had to part, the virtuous black dragon gave their home--the Bailong (White Dragon) Pond--to the white dragon, and went to reside in grassless and waterless Heilong (Black Dragon) Pond. He strove hard to build a new home, causing a god to present him with 18 pearls. The black dragon sprayed the pearls, hence the 18 ponds. Many of the ponds were named from the dragon and the legend, for instance, Dragon Paddle Pond, Pearl Bunch, Residential Pond of the Black Dragon etc.

Entering into the Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot, you will see the two cliffs with water hanging on. Under the chair like waterfall is the First Pond of Black Dragon (Heilong Toutan). The dark green water inside the pond is like a beautiful emerald. Climbing up along the stairs, one could see two unique ponds ---Suspending Ponds and Sinking Pond one mile away. At the back of the mountain range, Tongtian Waterfall will appear at ones sight. Under it is the Luoyantan (Wild Goose Falling Pond), every year, when the wild geese flying to the south, they often drop down and have a rest at the pond. There is a big cave that could hold about one hundred people in the hillside along the waterfall. Walking along the road, one can see lots of pretty sights, such as the Pingsha Pond, Stone Cleaved by Dragon, Hedgehog Stone, Dragon Coiled His Body, Pearl Bunch and Wuditan (Deep Pond without End). Dragon Paddle Pond is the largest pond lies under the Pearl Bunch among the 18 ponds. The water inside the Black Dragon Pond will congeal into ice from November to May of the second year. So at that period, visitors could go there to climb the ice and experience the cool winter in northern China. With beautiful natural views, Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot is really a very good place for visitors.

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