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Beijing Amusement Park

Beijing Amusement Park is a 100-acre traditional amusement park located in Zuoanmen Street Chongwen District in Beijing. Operated as a Sino-Japanese joint venture, the park opened in 1987 and has convenient transportation. It closes to the Longtan Lake and only one kilometer away from the Temple of Heaven.With a large scale, more than twenty types of large modern amusement facilities and beautiful horticultural architecture form a unique entertainment site. The amusement park has many entertainments and activities. Such as the pirate boat, a water-screen show, paddleboats, sliding board, bumper cars and roller coaster.

Once you entered the wonderland, you will be appealed to all kinds of entertainments and activities. After crossing the arch gate you will see the garden-styled buildings in various fantastic forms. On the small isle all the entertainment facilities are scattered and surrounded by the flowers and trees. With 62 meters giant wheel, you can have a bird's eye view of the ancient capital. With the adventure flume, you can have a hair-raising experience down in the water. The roller coaster can take you upside down and inside out. The first mirage aquarium leads you into the fancy deep-water world. In the wild animal world, you can stay and play with lovely animals. While driving the kartings, you can have a taste of F-1 car racing. The three-dimensional movie sea dragon and magic castle in audio-room can bring you to another audio-visual world both in past and future. The high-speed motorcycle on the lake is mixed with both fan and risk. The mini-sports car, bumper car, sea monster, merry cups, merry-go-round, flying tower, pearl-in -billows, monorail sky- bike, galleon, flying saucer, monorail train, street station video games, laser gun shooting, mini-golf can fill your the whole day with joy and pleasant memory. Dozens of bridges with different styles connect the land and isle. Floating on the lake in the duck-shaped boat is just like traveling in the Alice's Wonderland. Everyone will have a exciting and interesting experience in the park.

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