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Bashu Culture Garden

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Bashu Culture Garden situates behind the Baihe River main dam of the beautiful Miyun Reservoir, 70 kilometers away from Beijing city proper. Covers an area of 450 mu, the garden has ever-green pines and cypresses. Since most attractions are built in the top of the mountain, so it is also called Mountain Top Park.

As its name suggests, Bashu Culture Garden is a park spreading and displaying Bashu culture. Bashu means Sichuan Basin in China. So the Bashu culture is the culture that formed on the Sichuan Basin area. The garden has a magnificent scale, unique style and exquisite construction. The mud sculptures inside the garden are vivid and lifelike. The garden has built 18 sights as the Wumu Temple, Shangguan Hall, Baoen Hall, Mingshen Garden, Heng Ha Temple and Qu Yuan Temple. While at here, visitors could enjoy the couplets, see the beautiful views and appreciate the colorful Bashu culture as well as taking mountaineering and exercise their body.

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