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Baiwangshan Forest Park

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Located in northwest Beijing's mountainous area, three kilometers north of the Summer Palace, Baiwangshan Forest Park covers an area about 134 hectares and the mountain peak is 210 meters high. With 95% forest coverage, the park is known as the Oxygen Source of Beijing City. It was a famous battle site in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), where Song's army fought against Liao [Qitan (916-1125), a small kingdom in ancient northern China.

Baiwangshan Forest Park has a tranquil environment with distinctive charming views in four seasons. In spring, all the trees and plants began to turn green. The twittering birds, the limpid streams and the fresh air all together present a beautiful view to visitors. While in the hot summer, the deep forest park remains relatively cool and it is an ideal place for preventing sunstroke. Strolling and wandering along the path with friends and families or just sitting behind a verdant tree---listening to the birds twittering and smelling the sweet flowers, it will simply bring good mood and peace to ones inner heart. In autumn, people can see the splendid view of the red leaves in the whole mountain range. Red leaves and beautiful flowers cannot be seen in winter. Only some evergreen trees still stand in the chilly air. However, when the snow comes, all the trees are wearing a white coat, which are very beautiful too. Besides, there are many historical and cultural sites in the park including the Temple of Shetaijun, Friendship Pavilion built by a Japanese friend, Platform for Educating Children, Monument of the Heishanhu Anti-Japanese War and so on. There is also a special Stele Forest of Capital Green Culture, which is used to display the epigraph of the state leader and many renowned people and the works of the painting and calligraphy artists. The main aim of the stele forest is to spread the building of the green culture and maintain the traditional Chinese culture.

Baiwangshan Forest Park is also an ideal place for hikers. It offers many sports and interesting activities here including the Directional Cross-Park Race, the Rock Climbing Activity and the Flying Down Activity. People will have fun in those activities while they can exercise their body at the same time. The park has opened to public in 1992, and has gradually become a multifunctional park with education, arts, physical training and touring together.

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