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Baihua Mountain Nature Reserve

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Baihua Mountain Nature Reserve lies in the boundary between Fangshan District and Mentougou District, 120 kilometers away from Beijing city proper. Its main peak Baihua Mountain has an altitude of 1,991 meters while its highest peak Baicaopan has an altitude about 2050 meters and known as the third highest peak in Beijing area. Due to the unique geography features, it has formed an only scenic spot boasts with scenes of both tableland and grassland.

Baihua Mountain gets its name for the reason that it boasts several hundred kinds of flowers, such as azalea, Chinese herbaceous peony, lilac, morning star lily, etc. With abundant natural resources, Baihua Mountain can be viewed as a natural botanical garden with more than 700 various kinds of trees. It is famous for its yields of peach, plum, apricot, persimmon, pear, walnut, chestnut and other fruits. Baihua Mountain is also a wild zoo with over 300 precious birds and rare animals there.

With unique geology environment, the beautiful Baihua Mountain can be divided into four scenic spots, which are the main peak of Baihua Mountain, Baihua Mountain meadow scenic spot, sea-viewing tower scenic spot and Baicaopan Scenic Spot. More than eighteen charming sights as Colorful Jade Belt, Ant Mountain, Pines Corridor and others will truly attract visitors. The highest point, Baicaopan, allows a magnificent view of mountain ranges, fresh flowers and a sea of clouds. With a height of 150 meters and a width of 15 meters, Baihua Mountain Waterfall offers splendid view to visitors. Besides, amenities like hotels, restaurants, teahouses and open-air camping site have been set up to meet the need of tourists.

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