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Baicaopan Scenic Spot

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Baicaoban Scenic Area is located in Simatai Village Xiayunling Township in Fangshan District, 120 kilometers away from Beijing city proper. With an altitude of 2161 meters, it is known as the first peak in the southwester part of Beijing, and it is also the only tourist site, which can be directly reached to the top of the mountain by car in Beijing.
Baicaopan is scenically attractive with a variety of habitat, including larch forests, alpine meadows, widespread deciduous cover, extensive areas of shrubs and rocky slopes. More than 1,100 plant and 170 animal species, including brown-eared pheasants and leopards are growing in the area. Lots of birds are also interested in the well-protected forest. Part of the plateau of Baicaopan is covered in alpine meadows which provides ideal grazing ground for the brown-eared pheasant. As a natural botanical garden with more than 700 various kinds of trees, the area is famous for its yields of peaches, plums, apricots, persimmons, pears, walnuts, chestnuts and other fruits. With over 300 precious birds and many animals there, Baicaopan ca be also viewed as a wild zoo.
Unlike other mountainous areas in Beijing, even the highest peaks here are accessible to non-mountaineers and can be reached with relative ease along ridge walks. A cement passage was established in 2003 and tour buses can also take tourists to the top of the mountain. With abundant natural resources, Baicaopan Scenic Spot has many beautiful views including the Kunpeng Valley, grassland on the hill, holy caves, fairy road, 8 scenic spots on the mountain and 8 scenic spots under the mountain.

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