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Badachu Park - the Eight Great Temples

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Badachu Park, as its name goes by, it consists of Eight Great Buddhist temples across the Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi hills at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills. Located on the outskirts of Beijing, to the north part of Shijingshan District and next to Fragrant Hill. The sites were restored during the 1980's and have since become a popular destination, both for pilgrims and tourists. It is a garden that of long history and appears to be a delightful landscape. The eight temples situated among the three hills are Changan temple, Lingguang temple, Sanshan nunnery, Dabei temple, Longquan nunnery, Xiangjie temple, Baozhu cave and Zhengguo temple. The original building time could be traced back to the end of Sui Dynasty and the beginning of Tang Dynasty, with the following several dynasties do it be accomplished.
The Badachu Park is notable for its eight ancient temples, nunneries and a cave set amidst beautiful scenery on the southern slopes of the Western Hills. With an area of 250 hectares, this "flashback in time" is 464 meters above sea level at its highest point.

Name Origin
Badachu Park, totally speaking, is consists of the three hills, eight well-preserved temples and twelve natural-made sceneries. There is an old saying that: The three hills like a delicate house with the eight temples as antique inside and the twelve sceneries as the outside garden around the house. It was all along famous for its natural beauty than anything else here in XiShan.

Enjoyable Natural Environment
Badachu Park is an appealing place to visit all year round. It has an enjoyable temperate climate, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. Visitors can casually stroll from one temple to another, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring the shadow and rare ancient trees. Some of these trees have been standing for over 6 centuries, but their roots and branches are still strong and in good shape. In September and October, when the leaves are turning red, crowds of tourists come to climb the mountains. You may also take a cable car to the top of the hill and feast your eyes on the beautiful view from the mountain peak.

Badachu Park Today
In the late 1980s, the watering area of Badachu Park generally is regarded as the Yingcui Lake, the highsky cable car that was set up at the beginning of the 90s, and the following old-styled buildings of pure wood materials and Shan Door. All of which have contributed a lot to the great change of Badachu Park. Now it has been listed the first-level park in Beijing. Badachu Park in Beijing recently has become one of the leisure and entertainment place in Beijing.

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