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Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization

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Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization is located in the Inner West Street of Youanmen in Xuanwu District. It is a unique and tranquil museum close to the Grand View Garden in Beijing. It is one of the earliest private museums in China and has opened in 1997.

Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization is a theme museum concentrates on the pottery culture. Pottery stands for the earliest civilization of mankind and the headstream of human arts. Pottery is also the representative that the Chinese nation exerts the beauty and wisdom into perfection.

The museum has many cultural relics including more than 3,000 pieces of the ancient painted pottery in the New Stone Age, the pottery in Zhou, Qin and Han dynasty and the tile and lute in Warrior Period, Qin and Han dynasty which constitute an almost complete and lifelike picture about the history of the ancient pottery civilization. With its unique cultural form and profound effect in archaeology, history and human civilization, the museum has attracted thousands of people of all circles including many leaders from China and many other foreign countries, experts, scholars, artists and journalists and has made favorable social benefit.

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