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General Yuanchonghuan's Shrine

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General Yuanchonghuan's Shrine is situated in Donghuashixiejie Road, Chongwen District. Yuanchonghuan (1584-1630) was a famous hero of the Han ethnic group and a prominent marshal of the Ming Dynasty who had prominent battle achievements in resisting against the After Jin Kingdom and defending the Shanhai Pass and Beijing City. However, he wrongly killed by Emperor Chongzhen (the last ruler of Ming dynasty) who believed the slander.

In order to commemorate the great general, the later generation built the General Yuanchonghuan's Shrine in the early Qing dynasty. It was commonly known as Shejiaguan (She Family House). The shrine faces south and has five main rooms. Stone inscriptions were embedded in the two sides of the corridor and the wall inside the room. Under the eave is the plaque inscribed by Ye Gongchuo. Behind the shrine was the grave of Yuanchonghuan. At before, there is a two-meter high tomb, a stone table and a monument inscribed by Wu Rongguang (an official of Hunan province in Qing Daoguang period) in 1831. Brick wall was built outside the graveyard with evergreen trees planted around. However, only the gravestone and some stone inscriptions still exist nowadays. Besides, there is a Yuanchonghuan Temple which located in the southeast Chongwen District near the Longtan Park. Zhang Bozhen built it in 1917. With three main halls, the temple faces east. It is another important place for memorizing General Yuanchonghuan.

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